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Rape increased the

After a massive outcry of India rape Desk :: now worried about adultery has become a social organization in Bangladesh. The rape has increased in recent years. Private voluntary organizations and the police report to prove his match information. Enforce the law and the social status of analysts working dhilemi. News dayecebheleradhaka Medical College Hospital stop Crisis Centre (osisi) from across the country to develop an average day in the treatment of four-five women have been raped. Providing medical care to the victims of the two hundred and a half month. Those who came to this calculation osisite treatment. Other hospitals and medical centers in the country than those who took medicine to osisira misused. detailed

Former UN official was leaked to the BBC Challenge

Israel-Palestine issue has again accused Western media bias. Despite allegations of genocide or war crimes in the western media has exposed that Israel takes the former UN official Richard phalaka. He emiretasa Princeton University professor. BBC to publish news and analysis in the context of Palestinian actions favorably, he writes his own blog. detailed

Sanjay Mitra Women protest fast in 21 years

Calcutta resident, 71-year-old Hindu fasting during Ramadan for the past 21 years are leaving. Demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the majority of the people are against it as his personal protest lajjaprakasa. But a family friend Sanjay, whose home has been durgapujo over 125 years. "The majority of people have no religion do not accept the Babri Masjid demolition case. Then that I just let go - alone." One afternoon a little before Ramadan starts namaja magaribera jinas from buildings that house and came out wearing lungi khaddarera m. With peers. The main area of Kolkata rajabajarera Muslims where Hindus have been laid in the end there is a medium-sized food stores in Muslim ghetto Or is exchanged greetings with everyone. detailed

India is the new state of Telangana

bbcConsists of the northern part of India's southern Andhra Pradesh, India broke the former 10 districts and Hyderabad city of the new state of তেলেঙ্গানা.অন্ধ্রপ্রদেশের of the state that has a population of three million new residents of 50 long lakhaelakatira asachilatelengana demanding new state officially at midnight local time is formed as the 9 th State. detailed

TBPAC joined 7th Annual Parents Conference of Toronto DSB

The largest Canadian School Board Toronto DSB has 12 committees and one of them is combination of Special Education Advisory Committee with Parents Involvement Advisory Committee. They are called SEAC and PIAC in abbreviated form. detailed

3 Muslims killed in Assam

Northeast Indian state of Assam, Bodo insurgent attacks on Muslims throughout the day on Saturday the death toll has risen 32aja not new, but no attack kokrajhar killingsmilitants who attacked the village of the district on Friday night bakasa, eight bodies recovered from the Kokrajhar jeladutite hayechebakasa suspected militant attack evening has been arrested baisajanake pulisasenabahini nisedhajnaasamera police patrol dicchejari mahanirdesaka Khagen Sharma told BBC Bangla, the raid was a relief that the new. detailed

How many of the seven will meet Amartya Sen?

How many of the seven will meet Amartya Sen?There are very few people in India duniyakhyata. One hundred and twenty million people in the country, but there are very few who have made ​​the reputation and dignity of the man near the range. Have won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1998. Economics, development, ethnic conflict, and has authored numerous books about justice. Has lived for decades in the western world for the sake of work. Never lost the heart and soul of Indian identity. Recently spoke out in an interview to a living legend, with manadilala niuja, dropped-bisambade amundu preoccupation in India with the largest selection in the world starting from 7 April. 'Manadilala niuja garisa G's interview took, made ​​erroneous molala Milton. detailed

Toronto Canadian Bangladeshi Students receive awards for excellence on Bengali New Year 1421

(Story and Photo by TBPAC-OBECSS Reporter, Nafisa Chowdhury): Canadian-Aerospace Students Who HAD Extra-Curriculum Activities including Outstanding Performance in 2012-13 Last year Ontario Canadian public and Private SCHOOLS SCHOOL fuit Have TWO Educational agencies recognized by: Toronto Aerospace Parents Advisory Committee (TBPAC) and Ontario Bangladeshi Educators Community Support Services (OBECSS) with their media partner, on Sunday April 27 in TDSB Public School Oakridge Gymnasium having total guests around 200 including award winners, their parents, siblings, friends, teachers, organizing agencies families, invited guests local public servants, invited civil citizens and New Year Celebration Artist and her Team. detailed

Bangladeshi 'infiltrators' altercation with Mamata Modi

Mamata said, "Brawl in West Delhi will be given hands on a man. West Bengal politics Bangladesh context ...warned West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal, Delhi Brawl will be given hands on a man. ' Ranaghata Noida Sunday at a rally in support of parliamentary seats, the Trinamool candidate Tapas Mondol Trinamool chief warned. The Serampore West Bengal, Asansol and bamkuraya Modi said the BJP election campaign rally, 'illegal entrants' to go back to Bangladesh. Lots of our country's entrance. Jababei at Modi saying the Trinamool chief warned. Narendra Modi said he would rally dangababu.  detailed

'Encourage violence in Ukraine, Russia, United States

Moscow has blamed the United States for the rise of tensions in eastern UkraineUkraine in the east, Russia to the violence and tensions surrounding the crisis has accused U.S. Secretary of State John kerimi: Kerry says, detectives confirmed that Ukraine and the combination of local militants and astrasastrera is providing financial assistance to the United States, calling them rasiyaera Ukraine kiyebhake refrain from attacking the east of Kiev, the government launched a military offensive against the separatists rusapanthi rakheiukrene the country's crisis, the United States and Russia each other responsible for the failure is uttarane. detailed
Former News

Many Bangladeshi students likely

Bangladesh and some parts of the General German physicist Ralph Dieter hayyara tour.  Photo: First LightThe creation of the universe, the German physicist Ralph Dieter hayyara revelation. What is the universe made ​​of? What was the beginning of seeing or exercised? The answer has not been working out some parts hayyarera organization, which is known as the world's biggest and famous physics laboratory. On 01 July, the Higgs boson, or God particle's existence was announced in some parts. Many issues can be solved at the unveiling of the particles in the universe's creation. detailed

Rob Ford, The Addict, Deserves Your Sympathy

Rob FordMayor Ford Has Finally allowed himself, in his own Words, BE on "vulnerable" and Seek help for his substance Abuse Problems. He is taking a leave of absence from the mayoralty, announcing his departure just hours after a new wave of what I will euphemistically call indiscretions.

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What To Expect (And Not To Expect) In Ontario Election


ontario election 2014As party leaders started on Rally support and Hammer each Other's Track Records Saturday in The lead-Up on The June 12 provincial Election, there are certain Things voters can COUNT on and One thing on which command on those they can BE Sure Not on - The Mbagala. . bistarita ... Link  

CBA watchdog

Sinopasisa ( 14) : Exile prayojaniyata regional organization
of regionalism in our arrogance
, superiority in combat. Fight in happiness , in that c fight suptabasthaya rba a strong positive aspects of work are required. Some individuals have seen ancalikatake improperly. The verse is that because of their stance is evident. With an area of society , the nation and the country society. So the roots of the territory and territoriality in the adjectives.

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English Community News

Sylhet Corner

Srihattiya Columbus and English
of the history of emigration journey .

uccasira, punyahrdaya, voice-Jalali kirttana
messages in Bengal, on-srihattera paradise.

 Bengali nation s male siletabasike thus had carried her to a warm reception in the world of human community.
" room faced English " People never lie accusation ghumcanora shoulder  seemed ,

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Windows open literature

Shaw bde 's Ka Ru Ka h

Summer Trance
(Bengali 1st April 1407, to the memory of those killed in the bombing of Ramna batamule dont ghati œ)
Abdul Hasib
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Marriage and Divorce in North American Muslim Community: Current Status. CHALLENGES and Policy Recommendations by Sasha M Islam, Secretary, Global Social Connections Inc.

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